Gloria Spann, elder sister of President Carter, was arrested early Sunday in an Americus, Ga., restaurant and charged with disturbing the peace, according to Americus police.

Spann, a motorcycle enthusiast, was allegedly playing a harmonica in McWaffler's, a 24-hour waffle house, irritating restaurant patrons who had paid to hear the jukebox.

Her husband, Walter Spann, was arrested and charged with refusing to leave a building when asked. Both were released and ordered to appear March 5 in Sumter County Recorder's Court.

According to Carolyn Cable, a waitress at the restaurant, the Spanns became annoyed because their order had not been taken. "Every booth, table and counter in the place was full," Cable said.

Gloria Spann took out her harmonica and started playing along with the jukebox, Cable said. When customers and the manager told them to "keep it down," the Spanns "began cussin'" at them, Cable said.

The customers were getting "aggravated with her 'cause they were tryin' to listen to the jukebox. They couldn't hear the jukebox for her harmonica. It was a real mess. The waitresses couldn't hear the orders. You couldn't hear yourself think," Cable said.

When restaurant manager Charlene Lee asked the Spanns to leave, they refused and Lee called police, according to Assistant Police Chief Paul Toms. The Spanns initially refused to go with police, but then consented and were taken to Americus police station, he said.

"I didn't even know she was the president's sister till the cops told me. I said, 'Oh my God,'" Cable said.

"I was playing that little ole 'Did You Ever See a Robin Cry When Leaves Begin to Fall,'" Spann said, adding she did it on a dare. "I will plead guilty to playing the harmonica," she said. "I never even had a speeding ticket."