It has come to our attention that the U.S. ski team of the 1980 Olympic Winter Games plans to wear Japanese-made uniforms and that the Japanese-made Subaru has "bought the right to be designated 'Official Car of the U.S. Ski Team.'"

That is appalling, in view of the steady decline of the value of the dollar, especially in Japan against the yen, and the huge foreign-trade deficit this country is suffering, due in part to the flood of Japanese-made products into this country.

Now is the time to buy American manufactured goods to support our economy. If Americans themselves would buy only American-made products, then the huge trade deficit would naturally balance itself out--there would be no worry about the necessity of our government's having to pass a trade embargo to protect industry in this country. The citizens themselves would take care of that problem. If the market for imports dries up, then there would be no imports and no trade deficit.

Both industry and the private citizen should stop to consider that what is good for one is good for the other. The more citizens who are employed, the less necessity there will be for welfare payments and unemployment compensation, the more prosperous will be the economy and the stronger the country.

This is a strong plea for all to buy American, and especially the Olympic team or any other concern representing the United States!