D.C. City Council candidates John L. Ray and Barry K. Campbell received strong endorsements last night from the city's major homosexual rights political organization.

The Gertrude Stein Democratic Club voted 20 to 50 to support Ray over Hector Rodriguez in the race for the at-large council seat to be filled in a May 1 special election. Ray currently is filling trhe seat, which was vacated appointment of the D.C. Democratic State Committee.

The vote for Campbell, a former council staff aide running for the Ward 4 seat, was 20 to 5 over Charlene Drew Jarvis. The seat was vacated in January by Council Chairman Arrigton L. Dixon.

The club voted to donate $500 to Ray's campaign and $400 to Campbell's, and to provide workers to both.

Thomas Bastow, the club president, and Franklin E. Kameny, a leader in the homosexual community, both described Ray as the strongest candidate to defeat former council member Douglas E. Moore, who has campaigned against liberalizing city laws on homosexuals. Other speakers praised Rodriguez and David Harris, both at-large candidates.

Both Ray and Campbell, hoping for support, appeared after the meeting to express thanks. Campbell said it was "the first major break" in his campaign. The meeting was held at the Fraternity House, a bar and restaurant at 2123 Twining Ct. NW.