Substantial portions of an affidavit supporting publication of a controversial magazine article dealing with the hydrogen bomb should be deleted before the affidavit is made public, government attorneys said today.

The deletion proposal, said editor Erwin Knoll of Progressive magazine, "pushes the government into the realm of the ludicrous."

The magazine and Thomas Fox, attorney for the article's author. Howard Morland, plan to go before U.S. District Judge Robert Warren in Milwaukee on Wednesday to protest the government's suppression move.

A hearing on the government's petition for a preliminary injunction against publication of the article is scheduled Monday before Warren.

The Justice Department has won a temporary restraining order against publication of the article, contending it could lead to proliferation of nuclear weapons. It said Morland's affidavit would pose a threat to national security if made public.

Morland and the magazine say the information on which he based his article was taken from an encylopedia and other publications.

Government attorneys and scientists met in private this morning before U.S. Attorney Frank Tuerkheimer made the announcement that portions of the article were objectionable to the government.

"Their insane passion to censor extends far beyond our imagination," Knoll said after Tuerkheimer's announcement. "Some of the sources deleted are commonly available for all grade and high school students."