The Chicago Sun-Times has filed suit in U.S. District Court to stop the National Right to Life Committee from distributing a "pirated" version of The Sun-Times' "Abortion Profiteers" series.

The anti-abortion group began selling an abridged version of The Sou-Times' copyrighted series in February, according to the newspaper's attorneys. And, the suit charges, the national committee reprinted the newspaper's logo, headlines, photographs, drawings and other copyrighted materials.

While the right-to-life organization offers its version of the newspaper's serives for $1, Sun-Times reprints of its original series are being sold for 25 cents each.

But the prive tag isn't the only difference between the authorized and unauthorized versions. The national anti-abortion group also omitted material from its "reprints" -- information that was included in the original series "to provide a balanced discussion of the abortion issue," according to The Sun-Times lawsuit filed Thursday.

The right-to-life "reprints" list the National Right to Life News at 400 Linden in north suburban Wilmette as the publisher of the series for the National Right to Life Committee.

Felicia Goeken, director of the Illinois federation of the National Right to Life Committee, said she could not speak for William Mahoney, editor of the National Right to Life News, but said she presumed "we [the committee] had permission to recopy."

The omissions, Goeken said, were probably "because of space," noting that material would have to be omitted to fit the 48-page National Right to Life format.