Here are the main provisions of the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty and attachments signed yesterday :

Termination of the state of war and establishment of peace, upon exchange of ratification documents.

Withdrawal of all Israeli military forces and civilians from the Sinal peninsula in agreed phases within three years. Israel will evacuate about half the Sinai in an interim withdrawal within nine months.

United Nations forces are to patrol the buffer zones between Egyptian and Israeli forces as the withdrawal takes place. Egyptian military forces in the Sinai and Israeli forces on the Sinai border are to be limited.

Normal economic and cultural relations are to be established, the Egyptian economic boycott ended and borders opened to the movement of people upon completion of the interim withdrawal.

Ambassadors are to be exchanged within one month after Israel's interim withdrawal.

Israeli ships and cargoes will be granted the right of passage through the Suez Canal. The Strait of Tiran and Gulf of Aquaba will be considered international waterways.

At the request of both Egypt and Israel, the United States will continue aerial monitoring of the Sinal troop movements.

Israel, which is giving up Sinai oil fields it is now operating, will be able to bid for Egyptian oil on the same basis as other bidders. [The United States, in an agreement not yet published, has pledged to make up any Israeli oil shortfall during the next 15 years].

Negotiations on Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank and Gaza Strip are to begin withine one month after the treaty is ratified. Israel's negotiating partners are to be Egypt and, if it will take part, Jordan, with local Palestinians to be included in the Arab delegations.

Egypt and Israel set the "goal" of completing the negotiations within one year so elections for a selfgoverning Palestinian authority can be held as expeditiously as possible after ag reement.

The United Stares will participate fully in all stages of the West Bank-Gaza negotiations.