Pakistan's deposed prime minister, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, has lost so much weight in his Rawalpindi jail cell that he looks like a skeleton, his lawyer said here today after visiting the jail.

Bhutto has only taken coffee, tea and some honey in the five days since Pakistan's Supreme Court refused to reconsider his appeal of a death penalty on a murder-conspiracy charge, reported Abdul Hafeez Pirzada, his lawyer and a former Pakistan finance minister.

Bhutto suffers from acute gum disease that makes it extremely painful to eat, and Pirzada said the jailers had taken away the deposed prime minister's medicines. His gums were completely black, said Pirzada, still shaken an hour after his jailhouse visit.

"I didn't recognize him. He had a complete gray beared because they have taken away his shaving kit," the lawyer said. The cell had a bare mattress on the floor and for today's visit was lit was a 200-watt bulb. Bhutto sat next to a full toilet commode, uncleaned, Pirzade said.

Pakistan's military leader, Zia ul-Haq, said he would follow the ruling of the court, but Bhutto has until Saturday to appeal for clemency-something he has said he would not do. World leaders-including President Carter, British Prime Minister James Callaghan, Saudi Arabia's King Khalid and China's Deng Xiaoping (Teng Hsiao-ping)-have asked Zia for clemency.