DR. EDMUND D. PELLEGRINO believes that value-judgment should be at the heart of professional life. And undoubtedly that view will find its way into his new profession as president of The Catholic University of America, where he will be unaugurated today. In the rough-and-tumble 1960s, it would have been practical to engage a physician as a university president. Now it seems less practical than prudent, as Dr. Pellegrino appears to be just what the university ordered.

His entire, long career as a physician and administrator has been tilted toward combining medicine with humanism. That means something more complicated than making doctors into kinder people. Dr. Pellegrino regards a decision about healing as a moral choice; and so, in the various programs in science and human values he has directed, at Yale and elsewhere, he has worked to educated future physicians in philosophy, literature, history and language-all the disciplines that might help make moral of philosophy because he believes ethics to be the center of medical science. Yet he has also understood the humanities simply as a way of making lives happier-all of which speaks well for the choice Catholic University has made.

Dr. Pellegrino's choice has evidently been well made, too. His decision to assume the leadership of Catholic University suggests he does not see religion and knowledge as separable, that in fact he sees, and will urge, the necessity of drawing moral conclusions from a liberal educatio. These relatively calm days on campus offer a ripe time for such an effort. We wish him much success.