Two out-of-court settlements totalling nearly $6.7 million were announced today in the Beverly Hills Supper Club fire disaster of May 28, 1977.

Union Light, Heat & Power Co., a division of Cincinnati Gas & Electric Co. said its insurance companies had negotiated a settlement for $5.75 million. The utility will pay $500,000 of the amount.

Market Insurance Co., which had insured the Southgate, Ky., club for $250,000 in 1976, agreed ot pay $925,000.

Earlier, the club's owners-Richard J. Schilling, his sons and the 4-R Corp. - settled out of court for $3 million.

The new settlements will be submitted to U.S. District Judge Carl Rublin in Covington, Ky., on Monday, Rubin had seated a jury Tuesday for the utility company's civil trial but sent the jurors home, saying a settlement was imminent.

The new settlements bring to $9.7 million the amount offered to settlelawsuits arising from the fire, in which 165 died and 50 were injure The suits, fixed by relatives of the dead and the injured sought $2.8 billion from some 1,100 defendants.

Stanley Chesley, lead attorney for the injured victims, said the Market Insurance settlement was agreed ot six weeks ago but was withheld pending negotiations with the utility and its insurers.

William Dickhoner. president of both utilities, said they accepted the decision of the insurance companies "without any implication of negligence."

The suit contended the utility was negligent in supplying power to a customer having electrical violations. Fire inspectors blamed the fire on short circuits.