SPEAKING OF PARKING, surely we can all walk with our heads a little higher, or at least a little less, thanks to a recent change in the name of the District outfit that collects for parking tickets. No longer do you send your check or money order to the Central Violations Bureau, with all the criminal implications that entails. No sir, the place has gone neutral, innocent-until-proved guilty, even, some might say high class . It has become-are you ready?-the Bureau of Traffic Adjudication.

Not bad to go from being a plain old central violator to being nothing worse than a party to an adjudication overnight. We haven't felt such a surge of pride and dignity since we stopped being people a few years ago and became human resources. That, as we recall, waseither right before the collectors of trash became sanitation engineers or right after they became providers of environmental services. Now that we think of it, it may have been around the time the public officials who lock up criminals became providers of "detention services".

Human resources, of course, who park their vehicles-we almost said "cars"-in such a way as to invite the attention of the wonderful folks down there at the Bureau of Trafic Adjudication, do not qualify for the ministrations of the officials who provide detention services. To do that you have to do something like mug another human resource. Potential adjudicators, on the other hand, may be merely the drivers who double-park their vehicles in such a way as to prevent the Environmental Services truck from completing its daily circumnavigations.