Ten people were arrested yesterday following a protest against nuclear energy that ended with blood splashed on the north portico of the White House after a routine tour, according to a Secret Service spokesman.

The Rev. Carl Kabat, Elizabeth McAllister and eight other members of the Atlantic Life Community, a Baltimore-based activist group, were taken by D.C. police after their arrest to the 2nd District station. There they were charged with unlawful entry. Kabat also was charged with malicious mischief, according to D.C. police officials.

Police say the protestors entered the White House in the tour line at the east wing. When the tour ended at the north portico, Kabat allegedly smashed two bottles containing blood against columns while the others started singing and holding up a banner. They were arrested after refusing to leave.

A spokesperson for the group said the substance was human blood donated by members of their group. Police say it was either animal or human blood. The substance was water soluble and the clean-up was quick, leaving no trace of the protest.

The activists were protesting President Carter's recent announcement that the government would continue to approve nuclear power facilities, according to a spokesperson for the group.