Consumer activist Ralph Nader and a coalition of 90 citizens, labor, peace, environmental and other groups called yesterday for a May 6 nationwide march on Washington to "put the nuclear industry on trial."

"President Carter has deceived and lied to the American people," Nader told a news conference. "He has hitched his energy policy to the nuclear power industry that is crumbling technically and politically."

Donald Ross, director of Nader's Public Interest Research Group in New York and coordinator of the so-called May 6 Coalition, said he expected "several thousand" persons to gather behind the White House and march to the Washington Monument on that day.

The gathering, he said, will "confront the president, [Energy Secretary James] Schlesinger and Congress with their pronuclear policies." It is necessary, Nader added, because policymakers have not been listening to damaging evidence against nuclear power and because protests at individual power plant sites have had no effect.

Polls showing popular support for nuclear power have begun to shift in the wake of the Three Mile Island accident, Nader continued, and had always shown opposition to plants in the respondents' own neighborhoods.

Groups including the Gray Panthers, the National Council of Senior Citizens, the Women's Strike for Peace, and others that had no previously taken an energy policy stand are endorsing this march, Ross said. CAPTION: Picture, Nader: May 6 march to "put nuclear industry on trial." UPI