Thousands of Israelis, including Prime Minister Menachem Begin, attended state funerals today for the four victims of a Palestinian attack on an Israeli coastal resort yesterday.

Begin, at the burial service for Danny Haran, 2,, and his daughters, ages 4 and 2, called for vengeance against the attackers. "The blood of him who raises his hand against a child of Israel in the land of Israel should be spilled," Begin told the mourners.

Defense Minister Ezer Weizman, who postponed a scheduled trip to Cairo because of the attack, attended the funeral of a fourth Israeli victim, Police Sgt. Eliyahu Scachar, 24.

"The army will act so there won't be any more sacrifices," Weizman said. "The terrorists' goal is to disrupt us while we are making peace with Egypt."

In Washington, the State Department condemned the Palestinian attack, saying that "such brutality, has no jurisfication in the civilized world."

The four Israelis died early Sunday when four Palestinian landed in a rubber boat on the Israeli coast of Nahariya and attacked residents of an apartment building. Two of the Palestinians were killed and two wounded and captured.

Palestinian sources in Beirut said that Israeli border guns and missile boats shelled Palestinian guerrilla strongholds in southern Lebanon today. There were no reports of casualities or damage but authorities in Sidon, Lebanon, said the firing touched off a large civilian evacuation there.

Yesterday, Israeli warships shelled a Palestinian camp on the northern Lebanese coast in apparent retaliation for the attack in Nahariya.

In other developments in the Middle East :

Palestinian gunners shelled a military parade in a Christian section of southern Lebanon and killed six villagers, according to Christian militia officials.

Sixteen Arab news agencies said they would boycott an international conference on news cooperation in Vienna unless the Egyptian delegation is expelled. CAPTION: Picture, Supported by two other sons, the mother of an Israeli man killed in Sunday's Palestinian raid cries at burial. UPI