A $10,000 fee has been paid for passage of Israel's first freighter to sail through the Suez Canal, shipping sources said today.

They said the fee for the 4,500-metric-ton cargo ship Ashdod was for- warded by a Greek agent to an Egyptian company in Port Said. The sources said the ship was expected to reach Suez at the southern end of the canal tonight or tomorrow from the Israeli Red Sea port of Eilat.

The ship would then sail north through the waterway to Port Said before heading for Haifa on Israeli's Mediterranean coast.

In Ismailia, the Suez Canal Authority chairman, Mashour Ahmed Mashour, said the ship's passage would be normal, "like any other ship using the canal."

In Israel a bomb injured three children waiting for a school bus near Tel Aviv. One was treated for shock and the two others for minor shrapnel wounds, authorities said.

The Palestine Liberation Organization said in Beirut that its guerrillas were responsible for the attack and said several Israeli soldiers were killed in the explosion.

In the Sinai Desert, Israeli and Egyptian generals met at Tassa, a United Nations post, for their first detailed discussion of the return of Sinai territory to Egyptian rule. The military leaders said they would use "good will and understanding" to solve future problems.

The head of the Israeli delegation, Brig. Gen. Dov Sion, said Egypt has agreed that Israeli military rabbis can continue searching in the Sinai for the bodies of 23 pilots and soldiers that have been missing since the 1973 Middle East war.