Deposed dictator Idi Amin's right-hand man, British-born Robert Astles, is still being held in Kenya, contrary to reports he was returned to Uganda, Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi said today.

Moi made the statement during services at St. Stephen's Anglican Church.

On Saturday, Kenyan government sources and a man who claimed to have witnessed the scene at Uganda's Entebbe Airport said Astles had been extradited to Uganda.

A Ugandan government official said today that Astles was to have been returned Saturday but that there was no secure place in which to hold him. The official said it was only a matter of days or weeks before Astles is returned to face charges. Files in the offices of Amin's secret police purportedly show Astles to have been involved with that department's murderous activities.

Meanwhile, church officials said today that they feared a wholesale slaughter of Christian missionaries in northern Uganda by remnants of Amin's forces, who reportedly have already killed one priest and sacked a mission.

Church sources in Kampala said there are about 700 missionaries in northern Uganda. In Vatican City, Pope John Paul II said today that at least one Italian missionary had already been murdered in the region.