Meets at 10 a.m. an aviation noise control. Committees:

Agriculture Subcomte on Agricultural Credit and Rural Electrification-10 a.m. Open. Hearing on refinancing of telecommunication faclities. 324 Russell Office Bldg.

Appropriations Subcomte on District of Columbia-9 a.m. Open. Metropolitan Police Dept. public education activities. 1114 Dirksen Office Bldg.

Appropriations Subcomte on Interior-10 a.m. Open. National Park service. 1223 DOB.

Appropriation Subcomte on Legislative-9:30 a.m. Open. Special oversight hearing on computer services in the legislative branch. 1318 DOB.

Appropriations Subcomte on Transportation - 10 a.m. Open. Budget for FY '80 for Urban Mass Transportation Administration. 1224 DOB.

Armed Services Comte-9:30 a.m. Open.To consider nominations of Gen. Robert H. Barrow to be commandant of the Marine Corps; Vice chief of naval operations.212 ROB.

Armed Services Subcomte on Military Construction and Stockpiles-10 a.m. Open. To recive testimony oin recently announced DOD basis realignments. 224 ROB.

Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Comte-3 p.m. Open. Hearing on National Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1979. 5302 DOB.

Commerce, Science and Transportation Comte-10 a.m. Open. Full comte on pending legislation. 235 ROB.

Commerce Subcomte on Communications-2 p.m. Open. Continue hearing on Communication Act amendments. 235 ROB.

Commerce Subcomte on Science, Technology and Space-3 p.m. Open. On NASA auth. for 1980 on space shuttle program. s-146 Capitol.

Energy and Natural Resources Comte-10 a.m. Open. Pending calendar business, including weekend gas sales; creation of emergency programs to conserve energy, and DOE auth., all mark-ups. 3110 DOB.

Energy Subcomte on Parks, Recreation and Renewable Resources-2 p.m. Open. Hearing. Archaeological Resources Protection Act, 1979. 3110 DOB.

Environment Subcomte on Regional and Community Development-9:30 a.m. Open. Mark-up pending legislation. Appalachian Regional Commission and Title V regional commissions. 4200 DOB. $ Open. To mark-up resolution on mutual defense treaties. 4221 DOB.

Foreign Relations Comte-2:30 p.m. Open. Mark-up. International Development Assistance Act, 1979; and request for a review of possibility of foreign assistance programs being coordinated through multilateral or private, or international organizations. 4221 DOB.

Govcernmental Affairs Subcomte on Energy, Nuclear Proliferation & Federal Services-10 a.m. Open. Hearing on nuclear proliferation in Pakistan and India: ROB.

Goverment Affairs Comte-2 p.m. Open. Nomination hearing of James H. Duffy of Md. to be commissioner of the Postal Rate Commission. 1114 DOB.

Goverment Affairs Subcomte on Permanent Investigations-10 a.m. & 2 p.m. Open. Investigative hearing into improper practices within the Bureau of Engraving. 3302 DOB.

Goverment Affairs Comte-9:30 or 10 a.m. Open. Hearing on Reorganization Plan No. 2. 2221 DOB.

Labor Subcomte on Child and Human Development-10 a.m. Open. Hearing on Save the Chilkdren Day. 4232 DOB.

Uudiciary Comte-9:30 a.m. Open. Mark-up Antitrust Improvements Act and Dept of Justice auth. 2228 DOB.

Select Comte on Ethics-9:30 a.m. Open. Hearing on matters relating to Sen. Herman Taimadoe. 1202 DOB.

Small Business Administration auth. 424 ROB.

Banking Subcomte on Housing and Urban Affairs-10:30a.m. Open. Hearing on Housing and Community Development amendments of 1979. 5302 DOB. House

Meets at noon


Agriculture-10 a.m. Open. Conserv. & Credit Subcomte On Farmers Home Admin. auth. 1302 Longworth House Office Bldg.

Appropriations-9:30 a.m. Closed. Defense Subcomte. On Army res., develop. test & evaluation programs. H-140 Capitol.

Appropriation-10 a.m. Open. Foreign Operations Subcomte. On Near East (AID). H-308 Cap.

Appropriations-10 a.m. Open. Interior Subcomte. On Smithsonian Instit. b-308 Rayburn House Office Bldg.

Armed Services-10 a.m. Open (May be closed). Procure. & Mil. Nuclear Systems Subcomte. Cont. Hrings on Defense auth. 2119 RHOB.

Armed Services-10 a.m. Open (May be Closed). Res. & Develop. Subcomte. Cont. on Defense auth. 2212 RHOB.

Banking, Finance & Urban Affairs-10 a.m. Open. Housing & commun. Develop. Subcomte. Cont. mark-up housing auth. 2222 RHOB.

Banking, Finance & Urban Affairs-10 a.m. Open Intl. Trade, Invest., & Monetary Policy Subcomte. Hrng on auth. for intl. affairs functions of Treas. Dept. 2128 RHOB.

Banking, Finance & Urban Affairs-9 a.m. Open, Econ. Stabil. Subcomte. Hrng on Natl. Public Works & Econ. Develop. Act. 2255 RHOB.

Distirct of Columbia-9:30 a.m. Open. Metro. Affairs Subcomte, Hrng on financing of rapid transit system. 1310 LHOB.

District of Columbia-2 p.m. Open. Fiscal Aff. & Health Subcomte. Hrng on public service retire. System. 1310 LHOB.

Education & Labor-10 a.m. Open. Full Comte. Cont. mark-up asbestos materials in schools. 2175 RHOB.

Education & Labor-9:30 a.m. Open. Labor Standards Subcomte. Oversight hrngs on occupational diseases (asbestos related). 2261 RHOB.

Foreign Affairs-3:30 p.m. Open Jnt. hrng: Intl Security & Sci. Aff., & Europe & Mid. East Subcomte. Cont. hrngs on Mid East peace package. H-236 Cap.

Foreign Affairs-10 a.m. Open. Full comte. Hrng on Export Admin. Act. 2172 RHOB.

House Administration-2 p.m. Open. Contracts Subcomte. Pending business. H-328 Cap.

Interior and Insular Affairs-9:45 a.m. Open. Mines and Mining Subcomte. On deep seabed mining. 1324 LHOB.

Interior and Insular Affairs-9:45 a.m. Open. Energy and Environ. Subcomte. Cont. mark-up. Nuclear Reg. Comm. auth., Energy Dept. auth. 2257 RHOB.

Interstate and Foreign Commerce-10 a.m. Open. Full comte. Cont. mark-up standby gas rationing. 2123 RHOB.

Interstate and Foreign Commerce-9:30 a.m. Open. Commun. Subcomte. Cont. hrngs on Communications Act. 2322 RHOB.

Intersate and Foreign Commerce-2 p.m. Open. Energy and Power Subcomte. Mark-up Crude Oil Transport. Act amends. 2123 RHOB.

Interstate and Foreign Commerce-2 p.m. Open. Transport. and Commerce Subcomte. Mark-up Amtrak route restructuring ; USRA auth., Rail Public Counsel auth. 2218 RHOB.

Interstate and Foreign Commerce-2 p.m. Open. Health and Environ. Subcomte. Mark-up Health Planning Act. 2325 RHOB.

Interstate and Foreign Commerce-2 p.m. Open. Oversight and Invest. Subcomte. On report entitiled "impact of the Ethics in Gov't. Act." Location not announced.

Judiciary-9:30 a.m. Open. Crime Subcomte. Mark-up LEAA reauth. 2237 RHOB. $ Judicisary-10 a.m. Open. Criminal Justice Subcomte. Cont. on Criminal Code revision. 2141 RHOB.

Public Works and Transportation-10 a.m. Open. Surface Transport. Subcomte. On Pipeling Safely Act. 2253 RHOB.

Rules-10:30 a.m. Open. Full comte. Cont. on Alaska Lands. H-313 Cap.

Science and Technology-8 a.m. Open. Sci., Res. and Tech. Subcomte. Hrng on U.S. Antarctic program. 2325 RHOB.

Science and Technology-10 a.m. Open. Full comte. Cont. mark-up Energy Dept. auth. 2318 RHOB.

Small Business Energy Dept. auth. 2318 RHOB.

Small Business-10 a.m. Open.Gen. Small Business Problems Subcomte. Hrng on meat industry practices. 2359 RHOB.

Ways and Means-2 p.m. Open. Trade Subcomte. Mark-up multilateral trade negotiation legis. 1100 LHOB.

Ways and Means-2 p.m. Open. Trade Subcomte. Cont. on meat import legis. 1100 LHOB.