Montgomery County School Superintendent Charles M. Bernardo yesterday backed the refusal of an elementary school principal to be responsible for administering an adrenalin injection to a pupil allergic to bee stings.

Bernardo's ruling arose from a request from a mother that she be guaranteed that her son, who has a possibly fatal reaction to bee stings, would be given an adrenalin injection at Fallsmead Elementary School if stung by a bee.

The county school board ordered Fallsmead Principal Elsie Pohle to be personally responsible for administering the shot since no qualified medical personnel were assigned to the school.

Pohle filed a grievance, arguing that it was not an administrator's responsibility to give medication.

"I'd be squeamish about it," Pohle said yesterday. "And if it came down to it, I doubt if I'd be able to do it."

Bernardo consulted with an attorney, then upheld Pohle's assertion, saying that while an employe can volunteer to give the shot, no employe can be ordered to give it.

Meanwhile, Fallsmead Elementary has been assigned a nurse's aide, who has volunteered to be responsible for the shot. Only half the schools in Montgomery County have nurse's aides, according to a spokesman.