Kevin Wilkins, 13, of 533 Gresham Pl. NW, found himself with a fish hook stuck firmly in his scalp late yesterday afternoon. Wilkins' one concern was the fish hook. It was attached to a new spinner and Wilkins was ready to catch bass with it.

"Don't bend it," he pleaded as one passerby tried without success to remove it from Wilkins' scalp.

"I just bought that spinner. I was walking down the street flipping my rod, and the line came untied and the hook jumped on my head," he explained.

When Alden Caton and Earnest Strong arrived with their D.C. ambulance at 13th and E Streets NW, young Wilkins asked them how long it would take to get the hook out. "I can only fish till 7 p.m., and it's getting late."

The ambulance crew, unable to remove the hook, took Wilkins to Children's Hospital, where it was removed, but too late for fishing yesterday. CAPTION:

Picture 1, Kevin Wilkins winces, a fishing hook in his scalp. Photos by Linda Wheeler - The Washington Post; Picture 2, Kevin's expression makes clear that is no decoration in his hair, but a lure in his scalp.; Picture 3, Ambulance crewmen try to remove hook.