A greeting to all you who must have Pure Thoughts while putting this paper together there in Sodom on the Potomac and Gomorrah on the Tidal Basin from One Mad Reader in the Land of Windfall Profits, Consumer Rip-Offism, Greedy Oil Profiteers and Oklahoma Crude - Tulsa, Oklahoma. With all of our disadvantages as pronounced daily by Walter Cronkite, we do have one reassurance. We'll all go to Heaven in the end - because we've been told on national TV news that Hell won't have us.

My husband's salary for our 27 years of married life - and only this - has been the means of support for us and our children. He has had two employers - the federal government and the oil industry. I've seen both sides of the fence.

The only thing coming out of Washington this past week as sick as the lies against the oil industry has been the nasty feud between Carter and Kennedy - both mules trying to show which inherited more of their nature from their paternal ancestor. Who cares ? With a nation facing the God-awful problems this country is looking into, we have that as an example to follow and believe?

Washington's No. 1 priority is not to straighten out this country - it's to get elected .

We are not a republic today. We are not under a government "of, by and for the people." We are a nation of people confused, angry and uneducated in our own history, who work "of, by and for the Almighty Federal Government." If you don't believe that last sentence, think: All of the oil industry's combined U.S. profits in 1977 (the last year for which figures are available) was less than the budget needed to run the Department of Energy for its first year. DOE is really going to save us, huh? Think what it's budget will be when it's old enough to really get going.

Hamilton or Madison wrote, in The Federalist Papers, "If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government that is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place oblige it to control itself."

Out here we wonder what will come next. What diabolical plan is being hatched by some klutz on the federal payroll whose only association with oil and gas has been when his or her car's gas gauge showed empty, or when a thermostat needed adjusting for more comfortable surroundings.

Old oil, new oil, stripper oil, new-new oil, tier pricing, entitlements - and on and on the madness goes. The only industry under complete control of a government gone mad and to hell with "controlling itself."

Oil is oil, whether old, new, stripper, or new-new. Just like bull. Take government in Washington. "Old" bull is Jackson, Kennedy, Udall, etc. They've been at the government trough since virtually babes. So long, in fact, they don't remember where their feed comes from; it's always there - our tax dollars.

Then there's "new" bull, like the former governor of Georgia. He puts a solar hot-water heating system on the roof of the White House to provide hot water for offices in the west wing. Thanks to The Post, we in Oklahoma read it is "an economic dog," never giving a pay-back on our tax dollars, and only gives 75 percent of the hot water needed. Those who work in that wing must have some kind of fetish about washing their hands, which reminds me of a man called Pilate.

No wonder the "new" bull screams "excess profits" - he doesn't understand profit and loss, and that those outside of government don't have tax dollars to overide costs like government. This is the same person who treats other countries with human dignity, foreign aid and flags of peace, while treating my husband and thousands of other Americans like him in the oil industry as dirt, while saying, "Trust me." Not on your sweet bippy.

"Stripper" bull is what he, Kennedy, Jackson, Udall and most of the rest in government are giving us verbally while sneaking their hands in every paycheck in America via their taxes on the oil industry, stripping us all and fueling inflation with higher government spending.

The industry profits on a gallon of gasoline - priced at 72 cents a gallon - are 3 percent. Direct taxes to the governemnt are 20 percent. Now, who is ripping off whom?

What all these different kinds of bull add up to is a pile of manure high enough to topple any nation in the name of "government."

I want no more scapegoat. I want a return of self-honor and moral integrity from the people of this country. I want a return of a normal, rational nation of human beings. No more lies, no more plundering of the rights of our daily lives and working conditions.

The loss of those rights did not come overnight. It was a gradual, insidious creeping thing. A return will not come overnight. We have a whole generation of Americans who know nothing but government in all functions of their daily lives - energy, food, clothing, housing, education and local government, a "gimme" society incapable of the barest necessities of survival without federal government intervention.

I'm scared, deep down, bone-marrow scared. Any citizens, in this nation or another, that allow one industry that has served them so well for so many years to be so maligned should take a good hard look around them.

The people working in the oil industry have complex jobs, for that is the nature of the industry. Their work has daily been made more difficult by regulations, yet they have continued to produce for the people in this nation as no other nation in the world has ever before been served.

My husband has a theory about people outside the oil industry - I think he's right. He said to me once, "Listen to me. Have you ever heard a housewife who said to her husband, 'You should see the gallons of gasoline I bought today, higher than last time I filled the tank, but what the heck, we have to eat.' Or, 'I went shopping today, found a couple of gallons of gasoline, and I know I shouldn't have spent the money, but wait until you see me in it.'"

He went on: "Think about this. People are paying more for someting they never see, or if they do, it looks just the same going from the nozzle of a pump into a place in a car, or into an oil-storage basement tank. They don't touch it, feel it, or wear or eat it."

I guess it's like Freedom. We don't do any of the above to it, either. But, as a nation, we must have it or die.self as a housewife and student of government, lives in