The Isaeli government has jailed and ordered the immediate deportation of two American students accused to taking part in a riot that grew out of demonstrations at Bir Zeit University in the occupied West Bank of the Jordan River.

Michael and Carl Derrick, 20-year-old twin brothers whose father is head librarian at the university, are being held in administrative detention without charges today for expulsion from Israel on Monday.

An appeal filed on their behalf by their lawyer and the university was rejected today after the American consulate, which sent an observer to the deportation proceedings, had asked for an early decision so as to get the brothers out of the Jerusalem interrogation center.

The youths were accused of throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers during May 2 demonstrations at the university. One of the brothers, Michael, was also accused of fighting with a soldier outside of the military governor's headquarters in Ramallah the next day.

Students and faculty members who were present at the Ramallah headquarters said Michael was beaten with rifle butts by four soldiers after he said to one of them, "The bayonet you're raising on me was paid for by my people, the Americans."