Washington lawyer Peter H. Wolf was sworn in yesterday as an associate judge of the D.C. Superior Court. The following prayer was read at the ceremony by the Rev. Herbert Meza of the Church of the Pilgrims:

Our Father . . . We pause to ask your blessing upon this proceeding, not just because a good and honorable man is being invested, but because justice is being enhanced.

So we seek your favor beyond this moment. So that all who come into this court may find justice in his judgment and judgment in his justice.

To that end, we do not pray for his welfare as we pray for his handicaps.

Keep him blind to skin color.

Keep him deaf to broken English.

Keep him dumb to power brokers.

Keep him quarantined from lobbies and star chambers.

Keep him sick of seeking cronies.

So that having afflicted him with the virus of judicial wisdom he might become immune from judicial waste.

In a day when many have reduced life to an endless litigation before an absent judge, let his life continue to be full of your righteousness and mercy so that they reflect the glory of that higher bench in which you preside. Amen .