Robert Gabriel Mugabe: Born at the Catholic mission in Kuhama, 45 miles east of Salisbury, in 1928. His father was a day laborer . . . Educated at the mission school in Kutama and then got his bachelor's degree from Fort Haire in South Africa . . . Taught at various schools around Rhodesia and in Zambia and Ghana . . . Has six higher degrees, all from British universities and three of them obtained while in prison. . . Began his political career as a member of the African National Congress youth wing of South Africa while at Fort Haire. . . Became publicity secretary of Nkomo's party in early 1960s but broke with him to found with Ndabaningi Sithole the Zimbabwe African National Union in August 1963 . . . arrested in 1964 for his poltical activities, released in December 1974 . . . Deposed Sithole as party leader while in jail and consolidated his control over most of party in 1976 . . . An avowed Marxist, he has visited Peking two or three times and espouses a Maoist line of revolution . . . Bespectacled and often wearing a winning smile, he is scholarly, extremely articulate and deceptively mild-mannered . . . He runs the National Union as its political boss in alliance with Josiah Tongogara, the tough guerrialla commander-in-chief, from the Mozambican capital of Maputo, where he lives . . . Married to a Ghanaian, Sarah Hayfron.