Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo: Born in June 1917 in Semukwe Triba Trust Land of Matabeleland near the Botswana Border . . . Father a driver and mother a cook for the London Missionary Society . . . Worked as driver, delivery boyd and carpenter to save money to educate himself . . . Went to schools in Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa . . . Began in 1947 to work for Rhodesian Railways as a social worker, first black African to hold such a job . . . Became secretary of Railway Workers Union in 1951 . . . Entered nationalist politics in 1952 and became president of the African National Congress in 1952, reformed into a nationwide party in 1957, the first African political group in Rhodesia to talk about black majority rule . . . Led various parties until they were banned and then founded the Zimbabwe African People's Union in 1961 . . . Jailed in early 1964 for his activities and not released until December 1974 . . . Negotiated alone with Prime Minister Ian Smith from December 1975 to March 1976 and came close to an accord but failed . . . Immediately afterward started organizing a guerrilla army . . . More than 250 pounds and about six feet tall, he strikes an imposing figure . . . A wily politican, he often breaks out into his Ndebele language when excited or upset . . . Rules over his party like a patriarch with an iron fist from headquarters in Lusaka, Zambia . . . Travels constantly around Africa, Europe and the Soviet Bloc . . . Gets most support from Moscow and Havana but is far from being a doctrinaire socialist . . . Married, four children, two of whom studied in the United States.