Prince George's County Board of Educaion President Norman H. Saunders said yesterday that, at tonight's board meeting, he will recommend eliminating summer school next year, cutting a number of elective courses, and extracurricular activities and leaving many jobs vacant, in order to meet new budgets restrictions.

The 1980 school budget has been the focus of sharp debate since County Executive Lawrence J. Hogan told the board he wanted its proposal $288 million budget cut by $13 million to meet tax revenue limites precipitated by the vote-approved TRIM charter amendment.

The county council last week voted to restore a negotiated five percent teacher salary increase, but sill tentatively approved $10 million in cuts, raising the possibility of layoffs for scores of school employes.

Saunders estimated yesterday the cuts he will propose would save about $6 million.

Saunders said he will propose:

Eliminating summer school next year, and possibly consolidating this year's summer house programs, so more school buildings could be closed.

Putting a hiring freeze into effect, leaving vacant the jobs of 600 to 700 of the system's 13,000 employes who quit each year. Teachers would be replaced in the classroom with general supervisors of education - former teachers who now inspect, evaluate and administer school programs.

Closing school buildings, after school and in the summer, effectively forcing such extracurricular activites as summer basketball clinics and craft programs and school-year interscholastic sports to either relocate or disband.

Cutting back foreign language courses (the number offered would be cut to two) and English electives.