Israeli Defence Minister Ezer Weizman has agreed to be a member of the six-man Israeli team that will negotiate with Egypt on autonomy for the Palestinians of Gaza and the West Bank.

Weizman quit the negotiating team Thursday, reportedly infuriated with Prime Minister Menachem Begin's adoption of a hard-line bargaining position before the opening of the talks, scheduled for Friday.

Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan also expressed reservations about the Israeli approach, and asked to be removed from the team, officials said.

"The cabinet appealed to the foreign minister and the defense minister and asked them to take part and they agreed." Cabinet secretary Arye Naor told reporters yesterday.

Begin's opposition to creation of a Palestinian state won Cabinet approval yesterday, but Egypt said it wants the talks to produce a strong Palestine authority in occupied lands.

The talks are scheduled to start Friday in Beersheba in southern Israel ant to continue alternately in the northern Sinai town of El Arish, which Israel is returning to Egyptian control on Friday.

Prime Minister Mustafa Khalil, who will lead the Egyptian delegation, outlined a policy at great variance with the Israeli position.

"A comprehensive and durable solution of the Middle East problem is not possible unless the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people are regained," Khalil said.

Egyptian officials repeatedly have said an independent Palestinian state should be established at the end of a transitional five-year period and Khalil specifically cited the Camp David framework, which gives the palestinian authority the right to object to any eventual solution.