The following should be completed within 15 minutes. You need not answer every question. The aim is simply to test your grasp of current events, here at the close of the academic year, 1978-79. Have a nice summer.

I. The Match Game.

1) Draw a line connecting the major public servant to the felony or misdemeanor with which he has been charged. In some cases you may wish to draw more than one line.

Hon. Charles C. Diggs Jr.

Hon. Daniel J. Flood

Hon. Joshua Eilberg

Gov. Ray Blanton

Sen. Herman Talmadge

influence peddling

misuse of funds

selling of pardons


payroll padding

2) Can you connect the recent scandal with the appropriate government agency?

General Services Administration

The White House

Central Intelligence Agency

Nuclear Regulatory Commission


illegal drug prescriptions

Judy Chavez

misuse of campaign, money, kickbacks, bribery, etc.


kickbacks, payments for non-existent work

II. Multiple & Choice

1) According to the news, the most important person in the world is:

a) Anwar Sadat ) Leonid Brezhnev

c) Deng Xiaoping

d) Jimmy Carter

e) Megan Marshack

2) The SALT II treaty

a) has been defeated.

b) has passed.

c) is about to pass.

d) is about to be defeated.

e) is unknown in Russia.

3) (special Canadian Election question) The most interesting spot in Canada is:

a) New Brunswick

b) ontario

c) Newfoundland

d) Manitoba

e) Alberta and Saskatchewan

f) Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia

g) Quebec

h) Northwest Territories

i) British Columbia

j) The Yukon

k) none of the above

III. Get This.

Test your reading comprehension. At a recent antinuclear power rally in Washington, presidential hopeful Gov. Edmund G. Brown Jr. of California made the following statement: "Let's see - in the dialectical way of American politics, decontrol of oil will, or I mean may, lead to further governmental control of oil companies." Explain.

IV. True or Faults?

1) Secret Service men have installed an automatic security system in a house rented by Pres. Carter's son Jeff and his wife, Annette, where the kids go to "listen to rock music and smoke dope," because the agents do not wish to be in the same house where marijuana is being used.

2) The National Aeronautics and Space Adminstration has abandoned effortt to stop the 85-ton Skylab from crashing to earth, which means that 400-500 metal chunks, ranging in weight from 10 pounds to 2 1/2 tons, and falling at a speed of 300 miles per hour, will be coming down any day now.

3) John Warner is a United States senator from Virginia.

V. The Biggies (choose one).

1) Write an essay on whether or not you think Sen. Edward M. Kennedy will run for the presidency in 1980, or on whether or not he is running for the presidency now, or on whether or not he has already been president, or on whether or not he has not.

2) Write an essay on the energy crisis or on the absence of an energy crisis, in which you either offer solutions, or blanket condemnations, and use such terms as "sacrifice," "glut," "big oil companies," energy czar James Schlesinger," "Iran" and "shortage." Or do not write such an essay.

VI. Quick Quiz on Qulture.

1) Which of the following is not the country's leading conservative intellectual?

a) Irving Kristol.

b) Irving Howe.

c) Clifford Irving.

d) John Irving.

e) Julius Erving.

2) Which of the following is not one of the most moving and significant films of this or any year?

a) "Apocalypse Now"

b) "The Deer Hunter"

c) "Coming Home"

"The Tender Trap II"

3) Everybody knows Pres. Carter's book, "Why Not the Best?" Can you name the book written by sister Ruth Carter Stapleton?

a) "Brother Billy"

b) "Brother Hot"

"Nun of Thee Above"

VII. Total Teaser.

Take your average annual salary, minus social security, retirement, union dues, etc., and subtract the cost of food; the cost of gas; the cost of heat, water and electricity; life and car insurance; clothing; doctors' bills; drug supplies; rent or mortgage payments; charities; home repairs; baby sitter; federal, state and city taxes; then multiply by the rate of inflation; and what have you got?

VIII. Find the Flaw.

Can you find the error in the following statement: It's been a very good year.