Additional aid to Egypt and Israel to support their peace treaty was assured of congressional approval yesterday as the House overwhelmingly adopted the $4.8 billion package.

The House vote was 347 to 28. The Senate approved a similar bill May 14. Now House and Senate must hold a conference to work out minor differences.

The bill authorizes $1.47 billion in economic and military assitance to the two countries - $1.1 billion in loans and grants, and $370 million to finance $3.7 billion in military purchases.

Israel will get $800 million in grants for defense items and to build air bases in Israel ot replace two bases in the Sinai, which under terms of the treaty it will evacuate. And it will get $200 million in military sales loans for fiscal 1979 to finance purchase of $2.2 billion in defense items and services. Repayment will take place over 30 years with no payment on principal during the first 10 years.

Egypt will get $300 million in economic support grants and loans for fiscal 1979 and $150 million in military sales loans to finance a $1.5 billion purchase of defense items and services.

Without this legislation, Rep. Lee Hamilton (D-Ind.) told the House yesterday, "momentum in the peace talks would be dissipated."

The House adopted by voice vote three minor amendments.

One by Rep. Elliott Levitas (S-Ga.), asks the president to negotiate an agreement with other nations to establish a fund to help underwrite the cost of peace.

An amendment by Rep. Hency Waxman (D-Calif.) would require the United States to establish a trilateral co-operative project with Egypt and Israel in scientific and technological areas.

The bill authorizes the president to provide for construction of the new air bases in Israel to replace those in the Sinai peninsula and to transfer to Egypt the surveillance equipment and facilities of a U.S. field mission in the Sinai when the mission's activities are ended.