Of 132 complaints citizens lodged against Fairfax County police officers last year. 28 were sustained, according to a county police spokesman who said one officer was dismissed and a second resigned.

The report complaints was compiled by County Police Chief Richard A. King, who declined to identify the two officers no longer on the force or to describe the nature of the complaints against them.

"They were basically internal maters and I don't feel that it would be appropriate to release their names at this juncture." King said.

Complaints filed during the year included improper use of a police vehicle, improper aid or assistance to citizens and improper handling of evidence, custody or radio procedure. Only one of the 36 allegations of excessive use of force on citizens was sustained, the report said.

The report also said most complaints resulted in a determination that the allegation was false, that lawful and proper police procedure had been practised or that there was too little evidence to make a decision.

"There was a slight increase of about 11 in the number of citizens complaints filed. The greatest number of violations concerned 'human relations.' Eighteen (of those) violations were sustained," said a police spokesman. He added those cases involved harsh, profane or insolent language.