Truckers blockaded truck stops and tied up traffic in scattered incidents yesterday during a protest over fuel prices that touched off some gunfire and arson attacks over the weekend.

And police in the Chicago area reported truckers were broadcasting "threats" over CB radio against drivers still hauling goods.

About 75 trucks formed a convoy along the interstate highway system in Omaha, Neb., at rush hour this morning but police reported no major problems.

Other truckers blocked pumps at stations in Hampshire, Ill., and Little Rock, Ark.

In the meantime, the 400-member Michigan Independent Truckers said it would join a nationwide shutdown if it is proposed by the national Independent Truckers Association.

Over the weekend shots were fired at truckers in several states and a cattle truck was burned.

Six reports of sniper fire were under investigation by state police near Salt Lake City, where nails were found strewn over a canyon road Sunday. Weekend shootings also were reported in Iowa and Wisconsin.

Truck traffic was off significantly in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Utah, Tenneesee and Montana by Sunday, protesters claimed.

In Montana, dozens of truckers stopped traffic on Interstate 900 west of Missoula. Some truck stops have been blockaded since last week, said strike organizer Bob Whalen.

In other states, blockaged truck stops created fuel shortages and discouraged many other haulers, organizers said.