New disturbances have occurred in Khorramshahr in Iran's oil-producing province of Khuzestan, the scene of bitter fighting last month between Persians and Iranian Arabs, Washington Post special correspondent Nicholas Cumming-Burce reported.

Demonstrations were staged Thursday in Khorramshahr and Friday in nearby Ahwaz, in the heart of Iran's richest oil fields, to protest remarks by the head of Iran's revolutionary courts, Ayatollah Sadegh Khalkhali. He was alleged to have insulted the leader of the autonomy-seeking Arabs, Sheik Mohammed Taher Shobbeir Khaghani.

Another protest march is planned for Monday, starting in Abadan, site of Iran's biggest oil refinery, and proceeding six miles to Khorramshahr.

At the same time, an agreement negotiated between Sheik Khaghani and Khuzestan's governor-general, Adm. AhmadMadani, showed signs of collapsing.

In a newspaper interview, Khaghani charged Madani with failing to fulfill the terms of a 12-point agreement concluded after last month's clashes in Khorramshahr.

Sheik Khaghani also complained about the absence of any reference to the 12-point agreement, or to demands for autonomy in the draft constitution which was released early in the week and is to be voted on in a national referendum.

In other development, two former SAVAK secret police torturers were condemned to death last night by the revolutionary court following a nine-day trial.

The official Voice of the Islamic Republic Radio reported the sentence of the two men were expected to be carried out today.

The defendant's Rahman Naderipour alias Teherani and Ferydown Tarangari, both admitted they had tortured and killed opponents of the shah.