The AFL-CIO yesterday made a futile effort to hurry Supreme Court review of President Carter's authority to deny federal contracts to violators of administration voluntary wage and price guidelines.

Court Clerk Michael Rodak Jr. gold AFL-CIO lawyers Laurence S. Gold and George Kaufman their Saturday morning appearance was premature.

In everyday terms, Rodak told a reporter, they were "trying to buy an overdrive without owning a car."

The characterization was "fair enough," Gold conceded.

The "car" would have been a petition for review by the judges of a U.S. Court of Appeals ruling here, less than 24 hours earlier, that the president had acted within his constitutional powers.

Instead, Gold and Kaufman sought approval of the "overdrive" - requests to expedite consideration and to allow the petition and an accelerated government response both to be in typewritten rather than printed form.

Had Rodak accepted the requests, the government would have been on the earliest possible notice that it may have to file the response by Wednesday evening, Gold said.

But the requests were rejected by Rodak on the ground that the substantive paper - the petition for review - wasn't in hand. It will be Tuesday morning, Gold said.