President Carter, under growing domestic political pressure because of the gasoline shortage, has cancelled a scheduled three-day vacation in Hawaii and will return to Washington directly from the Far East early next week, a White House official said today.

Carter had planned to stop in Hawaii on Sunday and remain there through Wednesday, when he was to participate in a July 4 parade. But now, officials said, the president will only make a refueling stop in Hawaii Sunday on the way home from a state visit this weekend to South Korea. He is due back early Monday morning.

By eliminating the stop in Hawaii, the White House said, the president will have three-or four-day head start to deal with the expected OPEC price increase or to implement decisions made there at the summit.

A White House aide said Carter plans to hold several meetings on the energy situation, although he could not say with whom the president would meet or what the meetings are expected to accomplish.

Another factor in cancellation clearly was the fear of the domestic political reaction should Carter be seen vacationing in Hawaii while Americans on the mainland are sitting in gasoline lines.