Fairfax County political leaders yesterday hailed the Department of Transportation decision to open the 13-mile-long Dulles Airport Access road to commuter car pools.

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman John F. Herrity (R) called it "a victory for the commuting public," and said "the county and state would cooperate" with the federal government to enforce limitations on the road's use that were recommended Friday by Transporation Secretary Brock Adams.

Herrity also said he believed the action would not diminish the need for the toll road that the state plans to build in the Dulles right of way.

Vivian Watts, a Democrat, who will oppose Herrity for the board chirmanship in November, said the county should have pressed for quicker federal approval, and said the action is questionably one of the most direct means to save gasoline in Fairfax County.

John Morris, immediate past president of the Reston Community Association called the decision, which will offer Reston residents more direct commuter routes to Washington, "good news."

Transportation Secretary Adams has said Virginia and the federal government will have to agree on a plan to limit access at the Reston ramps to cars containing at least four people before his plan is implemented.