A fire caused by a kitchen accident roared through a luxury hotel today, trapping screaming guests at windows and balconies. Dozens jumped from upper floors before firemen and U.S. airmen in helicopters could rescue them.

Officials of this northern Spainsh city's government said at least 80 people died in the blaze at the modern, 10 story Hotel Corona de Aragon.

About 100 people, including the widow, daughter and other relatives of Generalissimo Francisco Franco, were injured. Forty-seven of them were hospitalized.

Dona Carmen Polo Franco, 79, widow of the late dictator, was rescued by firemen who extended a ladder to window. She was treated at a hospital for shock, bruises and smoke inhalation, then released.

Two U.S. helicopters from a nearby air base plucked three people from a rooftop and one from an upper-story window, as other guests jumped from windows, climbed down knotted bedsheets or firemen's ladders and groped down stairways through choking smoke.

At least three people were killed trying to jump from the hotel, and one couple, trying to save their baby, threw it to its death when it missed a fireman's net.

Civil Governor Francisco Laina said the early morning fire was caused by an explosion, probably of boiling cooking oil, in a machine for making breakfast pastries in the ground floor coffee shop.

It was Spain's worst hotel fire. The world's worst occurred on Christmas Day, 1971, when 162 people died in a hotel blaze in Seoul,South Korea. CAPTION: Picture, Firemen and rescue workers help a woman escape a hotel fire in Saragossa, Spain. UPI