Nicaragua's provisional junta, in response to action last month by the Organization of American States supporting the isolation of Anastasio Somoza, has presented the OAS with detailed pledges of international cooperation in the transition following his departure.

It also invited a visit by the OAS commission on human rights and foreign ministers of the region.

In a document presented OAS Secretary General Alejandro Orfila late last week for transmittal to the 27 member nations the five-member junta pledged:

"1. Our firm intention to establish full observance of human rights in our country in accordance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man, and the charter on human rights of the OAS. Our observance of human rights has already been made plain by the way the Sandinista National Liberation Front has treated hundreds of prisoners of war. Our government thus invites the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to visit our country as soon as we are installed in our national territory.

"2. Our wish that our installation in Nicaragua come about through a peaceful transition. The government of national reconstruction would take it as a gesture of solidarity if the foreign ministers of the hemisphere were to visit our country, and we hereby extend them a fraternal invitation to do so.

"3. Our decision to enforce civil justice in our country and to try those incriminated of crimes against our people according to the regular laws. By their heroic struggle, the people have won themselves the right to let justice prevail for the first time in half a century of vengeance and without indiscriminate reprisals.

"4. Those collaborators with the regime that may wish to leave the country and that are not responible for the genocide we have suffered or for other serious crimes that demand trial by the civil courts, may do so with all the necessary guarantees, which the government of national reconstruction authorizes as of now. The departure of these persons may be supervised by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and by the International Red Cross.

"5. The plan to call the first free elections our country has known in this century, so that Nicaraguans can elect their representatives to the city councils and to a constituent assembly, and later elect the country's highest authorities."