Three suspects in the kidnaping of a banker's wife were arrested by FBI agents yesterday after the woman's husband paid a $300,000 ransom and she was released.

FBI officials in Newark identified the suspects as Guillermo Jesus Caceres, 22, Angel Humberto Cedano, 22, and Salvatore Lacognata, 23, all of Paterson. The three were charged with kidnaping and extortion, the FBI said.

Caceres and Cedano were arrested in the morning at a staked-out tenement. Lacognata was arrested late last night, but the FBI declined to say where.All were held without bond for arraignment today.

The FBI refused to comment on whether the ranson was recovered.

"I'm happy to advise you that the Dedrick family is together again." William Dedrick, 51, told reporters gathered on the front lawn of his onestory, ranch-style home in West Milford.

"My wife, Joan, was released earlier this morning, exhausted but not physically harmed," said Dedrick, executive vice president of the Franklin Bank in Paterson. "This is a joyous occasion for all of us."

Mrs. Dedrick, a 46-year-old mother of two teen-agers, was dropped off by her abductors about 4 a.m. on a road in Teaneck, the FBI said. After running to a nearby house, she telephoned police. She had been taken from her home by the kidnapers Friday morning as she watched television.

FBI Special Agent Arthur Meister declined to give details on the trailing of the suspects but another source said Dedrick drove to Manhattan with $300,000, stopped to make a phone call and when he returned to his car the money had been removed.

FBI agents then followed the bagman to the Port Authority bus terminal, the source related. He left for Fort Lee, N.J. and deposited the money in a wooded area near a travel agency and the men's room of a fast food restaurant. CAPTION: Picture 1, An FBI agent, his gun in hand, guards one of two suspects in the Joan Dedrick kidnaping who were taken into custody outside a Paterson, N.J., tenement yesterday; Picture 2, Mrs. Dedrick who was kidnaped Friday morning, was released unharmed yesterday and reunited with her husband William.