The House voted again yesterday to continue funding the Clinch River breeder reactor, despite the renewed threat of a presidential veto.

The $183.8 million in funding for the controversial Tennessee breeder reactor was contained in a $8.4 billion fiscal 1980 authorization for the Department of Energy, a bill the House will continue to work or today.

The Senate Energay Committee has voted to terminate funding for the breeder reactor and increase money for a study of such reactors, as the president wanted. The bill has not yet reached the Senate floor.

The House rejected the Carter proposal as offered on the House floor by Reps. Don Fuqua (D-Fla.), chairman of the Science and Technology Committee, and George Brown (D-Calif.) by a 237-to-182 vote.

The administration contends that the Clinch River plant is uneconomical, that its design is already obsolete and that the plutonium it creates could be used by terrorists to make nuclear bombs.

The plant is called a breeder because it breeds more fuel than it consumers.

The president has been tying since 1977 to get Congress to terminate funding for the breeder, even vetoing a bill with money for the reactor in it. But Congress has continued to fund the project, though stopping short of site preparation.

An amendment that would have struct the $183.8 million plus $155 million for related projects was offered by Reps. Morris Udall (D-Ariz.) and Johanthan Bingham (D-N.Y.), but it was defeated by voice vote.