House and Senate conferees adjourned yesterday after again failing to reach agreement on $50 million in propsed military assistance to Turkey. The members agreed to hold an informal closed session at an unspecified time in hopes of reaching a compromise before the August congressional recess.

"We have a real problem in the House," Rep. Clement J. Zablocki (D-Wis.) told his Senate counterparts on the panel. "The House conferees cannot go back with any amount of grants for Turkey."

Sen. Frank Church (D-Idaho) replied, "Just as you say you cannot go back with any form of grant, I say I cannot go back without it. . . I am obliged to uphold the Senate position."

The stalemate is over whether $50 million in military aid to Turkey should be in the form of a loan, as the House voted in June, or in the form of a grant, which the Senate approved and the Carter administration supports.

The House vote came despite intense lobbying by the administration, which maintains that the grant is vital to help Turkey rebuild its military forces to uphold the southern flank of NATO. By 303 to 107, the House instructed its conferees not to retreat from its position favoring a loan.