A federal judge today sentenced a former store manager for the General Services Administration to four months in jail despite a prosecutor's recommendation that he be sentenced to 15 months for accepting about $15,000 in bribes.

Charles J. (Jim) Allen, 36, of Springfield, Va., was ranked among those "most seriously involved" in the GSA bribery and corruption scandal asistant U.S. attorney Daniel Clements said.Allen headed the GSA store at the Department of Transportation building in Washington.

Allen pleaded guilty to one charge of conspiracy to defraud the federal government. Twelve other charges relating to the bribery scheme were dismissed.

U.S. District Court Judge Joseph H. Young said it was to Allen's credit that he got out of the bribery scheme and resigned from the GSA before the massive corruption investigation began.

In another case, a jury here today found Drema K. Brocato, a supply clerk for the Army Publications Center in Middle River, Md., innocent of similar charges of conspiracy and filing false claims.

Brocata was charged with billing the GSA for household appliances and other goods her agency did not use. She was the sixth person to go to trial out of 47 indicated so far in the corruption probe. She is the only person found innocent of the charges.