Jack Carter, the president's eldest son, said today he has changed his mind about running for Congress and will remain a businessman in Calhoun, a small town in northwest Georgia.

Carter said family and business needs were the primary factors in his decision to forgo a challenge in next year's Democratic primary to Rep. Larry McDonald (D-Ga.).

"i'm dropping out of this race," said Carter. "I had a chance to try it on and it didn't fit. I decided to run at one point, but it didn't fit."

He said the Jack Carter for Congress Committee, which was recently established, will be disbanded and the $5,000 to $6,000 in checks he received will be returned uncashed.

Carter operates a soybean and corn grain marketing company. He said he will devote more of his time to his business and his family, and will campaign next year during his father's reelection effort.

He said his decision to quit the congressional race was made Tuesday and that he informed his parents this morning.

"They both thought I should do what I thought was right. They were happy either way," said Carter.

He added, "I'm not getting out of politics. I'm just not running this time."

He also cited one additional reason for quitting the race against McDonald."I'd just like to go fishing sometime." CAPTION: Picture, Jack Carter on withdrawal: "I'm not getting out of politics. I'm just not running this time." AP