Four gunmen in business suits and carrying leather bags walked into a midtown Manhattan Bankers Trust Co. branch yestersay and stole $530,000 in what the FBI called the largest cash bank robbery in the city's history.

No shots were fired, and there were no injuries.

Authorities said one of the gunmen pretending to inquire about renting a safety deposit box, pulled a gun on an unarmed guard in the vault. The other three joined him and coolly rifled the cash that was being counted out be three employes for the tellers.

Then the gunmen walked away, warning the employes not to leave the vault.

A bank spokesman walked away, warning the employes not to leave the vault. much money in the vault because "we expected a heavy day: most Fridays are very busy." A half hour later, he said, there wouldn't have been that much money in one location. It would have been at the tellers' windows.

An FBI spokesman said the take makes it the "biggest heist in the history of the city in cash proceeds."

Meanwhile, in another city bank robbery, the suspect, a policeman and a bystander were wounded by gunfire near Times Square. The suspect in the $7,400 Chemical Bank robbery was in critical condition.