Hidden between Route 1 and Telegraph Roam in Lee District, Fairfax County, Va. and surrounded by such communities as South Kings Forest, Stoneybrooke, Hayfield Farms, Wickford, Mt. Verno Valley, Hybla Valley and Vantage-Kingsbrooke is one of the most beautiful parks in Northern Virginia. Huntley-meadows park is over 1,200 acres of wetland streams, wildlife and forest management areas where, if someone led you into the forest area blindfolded and you suddenly removed it, you would swear you were in Robin Hood's Sherwood Forest.

The Department of the Interior conveyed the land to the Fairfax County Park Authority for pubilic park purposes in 1975.

Secretly walking through the park on Saturday or Sunday mornings (the park is only open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on weekdays and closed on Sundays and holidays) you will hear and see birds that you may never have a chance to see outside the park. The wildlife seems to know the boundaries of the park. Deer tracks are abundant in the park, although some deer may suffer from wild dog packs.

If the park were open on weekends and holidays it would be a place for the whole family to enjoy; it would not take much gas since it is only 11 miles from the Washington Mounment as the crow flies.

Why is Huntley Meadows Park being kept such a big secret? It is not even listed in the telephone directory. Planning is underway and on the drawing board to put a four-lane highway (six lanes if you count the safety lanes and don't forget the median) through the park. The proposed highway is called Lockheed Boulevard Connector.

CASH (Citizen's Action to Save Huntley-Keadows) believes the highway will destroy and cause havoc to the wildlife, wetland and forest management areas. However, there will be deer-crossing signs on the highway for those deer that can read.

CASH is made up of husband and wife teams and their sons and daughters. They have sent over 1,000 letters to agencies at local, state and federal levels and to many national wildlife and environmental associations. With the help of Fairfax County citizens we can save Huntley-Meadows Park.