Yugoslav intelligence operations in the United States are described as "extensive" and aimed at the penetration, neutralization and destruction of anti-communist emigre groups, according to evidence gathered by the FBI.

The catalogue of activities carried out by agents of Yugoslavia's Administration for Research and Documentation (UID) includes harassment, intimidation and, perhaps, assassination, the bureau believes.

The Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee report cited the Chicago murders of Serbian emigre Dragista Kashikovich and a 10-year-old girl believed to have witnessed that killing as acts in which Yugoslav intelligence is widely suspected to have played a part, although no connection has yet been established. The murders are still listed as unsolved by Chicago police.

The Senate report also said the Yugoslav Consul General in San Francisco, Tugomir Dzalto, was accused by numerous emigres of threatening them if they declined to be recruited as informers.

"The State Department's continued refusal to expel such officials lends plausibility, among his targets, to the claim Dzalto repeatedly made that it would do little good to go to the FBI: the Yugoslav Embassy in Washington, he said, can manipulate American authorities to minimize the impact of such an occurrence," the Senate report said.

Although the Yugoslav intelligence service has not been directly implicated in any assassination, the report said "knowledgeable FBI officials believe that the likely modus operandi of Yugoslav agent-assassins is to pose as tourists or businessmen who have traveled first to other foreign countries. Approximately 10 to 15 murders have occurred in Europe which have been attributed to Yugoslav intelligence agents, although verification by United States authorities has not been possible."

The report also said that the majority of the reported incidents of intimidation by Yugoslav agents "do not constitute activities which violate federal statutes within the jurisdiction of the FBI; they therefore have not been investigated or verified by the FBI."