A 19-year-old Northeast Washington man was shot and wounded in his bedroom yesterday by a D.C. police detective after he pulled a gun on two detectives who were attempting to arrest him, police officials said.

The man, identified as Bobby Truesdale, of 1008 F St., was wounded in the chest and taken to Capitol Hill Hospital, where he was reported undergoing surgery last night. Full details on his condition were not immediately available.

According to police, robbery squad detectives Landon H. Lewis Jr., and Everett Campbell went to Truesdale's home about 5:45 p.m. to serve a warrant for his arrest on a charge of rape while armed.

Police explained that the rape warrant was served by robbery detectives because they had developed, in the course of their routine activities, the information on which the warrant was based.

When the two detectives arrived at the house they were met by Truesdale's mother, who told them where her son could be found.

When the detectives walked into Truesdale's bedroom, police said, the suspect pulled a gun from beneath a pillow.

At this point, Det. Lewis, an 11-year-veteran of the D.C. force, fired several shots from his own gun. It was not immediately known how many shots he fired or how many struck Truesdale.

In addition to the charge of rape while armed, Truesday was charged last night with assault on a police officer.