Following are some of Ambassador Andrew Young's more controversial statements and reactions to them.

February 1977: " . . . the Cubans (troops) bring a certain stability and order to Angola."

Response: State Department issues official clarification: "Neither Ambassador Young nor Secretary (Cyrus R.) Vance condones the presence of Cuban troops in Angola."

April 1977: to a British television audience: The British "are a little chicken" on race, generally, and South Africa maybe. I think it would be in Britain's self-interest to have a little more backbone in facing up to race at home and abroad."

Response: State Department issues a statement saying Young "clearly was expressing his own views.Young apologizes to the United Nations and in writing to the British ambassador.

April 1977: Responds with, "Yeah," when asked whether he thought the South African government was "illegitimate."

Response: Statements of disagreements by State Department and by President Carter.

May 1977: "The old colonial mentality" is still strong in Britain . . . The worst racists in the world are the Russians . . the Swedes are terrible racists."

June 1977 (Playboy interview, referring to Henry A. Kissinger, Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford): "They did not face racism in their lives, and tended to rule it out. Nixon and Ford did not face it, because they were, in fact, racists."

Response: Statement by Jody Powell that his does not reflect the president's opinion.

February 1978: "An internal settlement for Rhodesia is no settlement."

Response: Statement of policy issued by White House and State Department indicating that Young was strictly on his own with this statement. $5March 1978: told a reporter he feared the British might "run out" on the Rhodesian conflict and "leave us with 30 years of trouble the way they did in the Middle East."

Response: British Foreign Minister David Owen and Ambassador Peter Jay demand an apology and official clarification. Young withdraws the statement.

July 1978: "There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of political prisoners (in jails) in the United States."

Responses: Sen. Barry M. Goldwater (R-Ariz.) demands Young's dismissal; Carter tells Young he is "very unhappy" with the statement and rebukes him; Vance also rebukes Young.

February 1979: Suggests that the Ayatollah Khomeini "will be some kind of saint when we finally get over the panic of what is happening (in Iran)."

Response: Jody Powell disavows Young's remarks. "It is President Carter's view that the United States is not in the canonization business and he (Young) is not in a position to make such judgments . . . "

May 1979: "I do not see any difference in the so-called due process in Florida (execution of John Spenkelink) and the so-called due process of the Ayatollah Khomeini."

Response: Call for Young's resignation by Rep. Daniel E. Lungren (R-Calif.).