William Boorstein, an American businessman held captive for over a week by militant women strikers in the textile factory he managed, has escaped and left El Salvador, a U.S. Embassy spokesman announced.

The spokesman said Boorstein, 60, of Cherry Hill, N.J., took advantage of a heavy rainstorm to get away from 20 workers who had seized the Apex Textile Co. plant.

"I had a few tricks up my sleeve," Boorstein was quoted as saying by the embassy spokesman, who declined to say whether the U.S. executive had help in making his escape. "He is en route to the United States. I assume to New Jersey, but I don't know for sure," the embassy spokesman said.

Boorsteein reportedly suffers from a heart condition, but strikers permitted delivery of medicine and food.

The executive told embassy officials after his release that he was in good health, but had a cough and a suspected mild case of pneumonia.

Strikers at the Apex plant, which is partly American-owned, initially seized about 200 employes as hostages, but released most of them within a few days.

Boorstein told embassy officials the strikers, who are demanding pay raises of 100 percent, now hold only one assistant manager.