Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini warned today that all opponents of Islamic rule would be destroyed.

"The nation has voted for the Islamic Republic and everyone should obey," said the Iranian leader. "If you do not obey, you will be destroyed."

Speaking to a delegation of Air Force personnel from the central city of Isfahan who met with him in Qom today, Khomeini included his warning in an indirect reference to the controversy about passage of a controversial article in Iran's proposed constitution.

The article would vest unprecedented executive and legislative powers in the country's leader.

Khomeini, 79, said he wanted the clergy-dominated Council of Experts to speed up its review of the new constitution so that Iran's first president and a new parliament could be elected as soon as possible.

The Council of Experts began its work on Aug. 19 but so far has approved only 17 of the 151 articles in the draft constitution.

The council is scheduled to dissolve after ratification of the constitution, which will replace the 1906 document and abolish the monarchy in Iran.

The most controversial clause concerns the concept of government by theologians. It gives supreme spiritual and political power to the country's leading clergyman.

It would formally proclaim Khomeini as national leader, with powers above those of a president or government.

One dissident member of the Council of Experts, Ezzatollah Sahabi, said earlier this week that government by theologians could ultimately harm the cause of religion and the clergy "This authority and power (of the clergy) will be against the power of the government and will create two poles of government," Sahabi declared.