No end was in sight for disruptive school strikes in Detroit, San Francisco and Indianapolis as 34,000 teachers remained off the job in 11 states.

With classes for more than 672,000 students still in turmoil, the National Education Association here, reported there have been 134 teachers strikes in 18 states so far this year. The organization predicted the number is expected to top last year's total of 176.

Louisiana Gov. Edwin Edwards met with leaders of a parents' organization, but refused to pledge state money for pay raises to end a month-long strike by 2,000 teachers in Jefferson Parish in suburban New Orleans. Only about half of the system's 64,000 pupils have been showing up for classes.

Negotiations were still deadlocked in Detroit, where a strike by 12,000 teachers has delayed opening of school for eight days.

In Indianapolis, where Circuit Court Judge Frank P. Huse fined 28 teachers for defying his ban against picketing, bargaining continued under court orders to get schools at full strength for about 189,000 students.

Meanwhile, 65,000 pupils in San Francisco remained out of school and strikes also continued in Washington, Alabama, New Jersey, New York and Ohio.