A time bomb blasted the bazaar of the southern port city of Khorramshahr yesterday, killing one person and injuring 35 others, state radio said. It said that the device was of the same type that killed eight persons aboard a passenger train outside Khorramshahr in Iran's oil producing region.

Security forces were dispatched to Khorramshahr, which was the center of fighting earlier this year between autonomy-seeking Arabs and Persian militia.

In Tehran, Oil Minister Ali Akbar Moinfar was quoted by the official news agency as saying that Iran plans to use foreign experts on development projects in its oil industry. "We are not so shortsighted as not to use foreign experts in the event that we need them," he said.

His statement coincided with a call by a leading Moslem spiritual leader urging the Iranian government to lower oil production and seek higher prices for crude exports.

Ayatollah Rabbani Shirazi in an open letter to Moinfar said oil exports should reach the lowest level necessary. The ayatollah's letter was carried in full by the official news agency Pars and represents the first instance since the February revolution of the Moslem clergy giving detailed advice to the government on how to handle its oil production.