Following is the text of Vice President Mondale's greetings to Pope John Paul II on his arrival at Andrews Air Force Base:

Your Holiness, distinguished visitors from the Holy See, and friends. It is with joy, with friendship, with honor that I welcome your Holiness to the capital of our nation.

For the American Eople, for President Carter and for this city you exalt by your presence, welcome to Washington on this glorious day.

We watched you from afar as you won the love of men and women all around the globe, in Mexico where you stirred the hearts of our neighbors, in Poland where you celebrated the irrepressible human spirit of your native land, in Ireland where you summoned the power of love, that it might triumph over hate.

We watched and we waited. And now you have come to America. We have discovered for ourselves what man it is who won the love of the world -- truly a global leader, a lover of liberty, a messenger of hope and joy and love. And we have discovered something more. Through you, we have rediscovered a portion of ourselves.

In the midst of all the problems that confront us, we sometimes forget the enduring values that have struck deep roots in this American soil. And sometimes it takes a visitor from far away, a visitor who sees our visions and our dreams to put us back in touch with the meaning deep within our own land.

How many millions of Americans proudly repeated the words that you spoke when you arrived in our country: "And crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea."

And how many in those happy and exuberant crowds were reminded that we believe as you do in the democracy born in Philadelphia, in the freedom you loved and praised in front of the Statute of Liberty, in the quiet strength and family spirit you found in our farm lands and too in the promises still to be met and the work yet unfinished in Harlem. . .

Your Holiness, welcome, welcome to Washington.

Your Holiness, during this past week, as you traveled across what you call "this continent of hope," as you spoke of the good things we love and of the challenges that await us, you truly touched our nation's soul. Only a special man could do this. You have unleashed the best, most generous sentiments within us, you have given us new hope and new courage. You have graced our nation by your presence and now you grace our nation's capital.